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Tony Brown Writes The Jeff Miller Band's Latest Single, LOVE CONSTRUCTION ZONE, Out Dec. 15, 2023

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

So here’s the story of "LOVE CONSTRUCTION ZONE"... Tony Brown wrote the song and calls me and says; I got this song for you, I want you to sing it!! You’ll be great with it!! I said; Bring it on, challenge accepted!! So he sent me a demo and I dug it! I knew I couldn’t do it Tony Brown style so we booked Studio 330 with Hans Christian ( currently Grammy nominee) to produce and play bass, along with Jamey Clark on drums and Deirdre Fellner on backing vocals, with Tony Brown on guitar, background vocals, and percussion. Together we banged out Love Construction Zone in one glorious afternoon in Door County, Wisconsin!

Take a listen! Was Tony right that this song was meant for me, a break out hit??

Thanks Tony and band for you belief that I could do it 🖖🎸😎

In Tony's words...

"I wrote this song titled, "LOVE CONSTRUCTION ZONE." I have had several styles and flavors and ways of confronting this song. It came to my mind that it might be a good idea to have my friend and brother, Jeff Miller, do this song, in fact, record this song and I would do the producing and Hans Christian would do the recording, mixing, and mastering.

"We started working in the studio. We completed the recording and mix and master the second week of September at Studio 330. I received notification the song will be released next week. I will look forward to the finished product.

"Cool vibes, Jeff!"

Get your download today at

Check out this promo video for "LOVE CONSTRUCTION ZONE"...

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