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Phyllis Musical Inn, Chicago - Saturday, February 11, 2023

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Playing at Phyllis Musical Inn, 1800 W Division Street, Chicago IL

For Mike Felton’s Birthday Party!
Showcase time 6pm – to close; our spot TBA
The Terrible trio from the Jeff Miller band will be on board and we hope to see our Chicago fans there.
Oh yay the party is on the schedule!! We’ll be there with a bunch of other acts for a ripping good time in Chicago!!
Yes we are it even says on the poster and look at all the other acts on this bad boy party show!! Gonna be a good one Mike!

Hi, it’s Mary Lemanski from Cyberpunk Web Marketing & Virtual Assistant Services. We’re a part of The Jeff Miller Band team. I came out to the show at Phyllis’ Musical Inn this past weekend. I shot some video of the band on my phone. It is live, so my apologies for anyone walking in front of the camera or temporarily distracting me, but you get to see The Jeff Miller Band live in action! There’s also some pictures of me with the band and Jeff below. All of the bands were amazing! It was a blast!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MIKE FELTEN!

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